This project is in beta and has limitations so I'd advise keeping an eye on the browser's developer console.
If you wish this project reach its full potential please support us on Porchetta Industries.
In case you already do, check the "For subscribers" section in this readme for additional goodies.

How it works

Opening the webpage will download a python interpreter (pyodide) bundled with pentest tools check out the features Yes, all these tools will be running inside of your browser and not reaching out to the internet. This static website can be hosted locally as well, not necessary to access it on the internet but this page will always ship the new updates when the underlying python libraries get an update.
Most of these tools will require network access to the system, which (for obvious security reasons) the browser does not provide, hence a proxy application must be used. At this point we differentiate between subscribers and non-subscribers for Porchetta industries.

For subscribers

You will get the following




Startup steps

  1. Read readme (recommended)
  2. Start your proxy app on localhost (optional). Without a working proxy only the file parsers and basic utils will work.
  3. Verify that proxy URL is pointing to the proxy. (optional)
  4. Click on the START button to load Pyodide framework -it might take a few 10s of seconds-.
  5. Type '?' for help.

Usage -after startup-

There are 3 major categories of tools you can use in this framework: Clients Scanners Utils
To use the clients and scanners you MUST add at least one Credential and one Target, optionally a proxy and a proxychain.
IMPORTANT: Every time a proxy can be supplied, the default WSNET proxy must be supplied, or a proxychain that has the WSNET proxy as the first in the chain.


Known limitations

  1. Yes, we are searching for someone who speaks HTML/JS and can make the website looking better :)
  2. File-related operations are provided by BrowserFS. This means you have many backend options, but all of them come with certain limitations.
    If using memory-backed filesystem then you loose your data when reloading the page. if you are using localstorage backed fs, you will run into out-of-diskspace errors.
  3. Operations are generally slower (due to the many layers of virtualizations) and browser might hang during extreme cases (see next point)
  4. Pyodide has an issue where reloading the page many times causes out-of-memory error. (crashing the browser even)